welcome to our trip to bermuda


Bermuda Map

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Salt Kettle House Our B&B. Our room is the "tower" room--the one on the second floor. Salt Kettle Backyard Out Our Backdoor
A Tall Ship Bermuda Bermuda
What Are These? If anybody knows, please email bob Sailboat Race The King Edward Cup Old and New
Bermuda Gibbs Lighthouse One of tallest metal lighthouses in the world Our Boat We rented a small boat to explore the harbor
Sheila from the top of Gibbs Lighouse View From Gibbs View From Gibbs
Cruise Ships at Hamilton Shot through the haze from Gibbs Hill Bermuda Bob under Par I had just successfully negotiated this hellish sand trap.
Lizard Sheila over Par Lizard
Tobacco Bay We'd often go early here for snorkeling Ferry Boat These go around the Hamilton Harbor $2,25 a ride. Bermuda